Chairman & Managing Director


Young Spirited, Enthusiastic and Energetic —FOHAD AYUB LATIWALA Chairman & Managing Director of SAAMI TRADESTAR LOGISTICS LIMITED with an excellent pool of talent and experience. Young, Vigorous, Passionate and dynamic entrepreneur, Fohad Latiwala started his career as a logistics operation trainee in the logistics business. Within a short span of his career, he has gained immense experience in the commercial logistics services and operation freight forwarding & warehousing  business. His success in the logistics business reflects his positive attitude towards his work and dedication to his professional and service orientation.

His professional strength lies in innovative business development work, an integrity approach to all logistics projects and a personality which reflects the best qualities in all round leadership. His futuristic thinking and planning is universally admired – by his customers and clients, colleagues, peers and staff members. Fohad Latiwala’s story in the logistics business reflects his philosophy & ideology not only at work but also to everyone’s life- Good should become better and better should become the best. But should never pause unless & until quality achieve”.

 Fohad Latiwala’s magnificient  knowledge in the field particularly extends to logistics material, consistency & quality control. He also has very strong credentials & experience in the field of logistics which was adopted for over 30 years. His contribution has lead to the company as “known for quality, commitment & consistency”.